Can Burnt Hair Grow Back

Can Burnt Hair Grow Back? (5 Remedies To Limit Damage!)

Hearing someone talk about how they burnt their hair may appear fun at first, depending on the severity of the situation.

Even so,

For the person that got their hair damaged, and perhaps got hurt, instead, it definitely is NEVER funny!

Burning your hair may be a big issue for you…

But listen up!

It doesn’t have to be that way, if you’re wondering can burnt hair grow back?

Depending on the level of damage and its extension, you may rest assured that it will grow back.

However, you may have to trim a little anyway – or more than a little. So it may take some time to get back to its original length.

In other cases,

The burnt hurts the skin so much that surgery would be needed to restore some hair on that part.

So, what are the chances that your hair will grow back? Let’s take a look at the different cases.

Can Burnt Hair Grow Back?

Can Burnt Hair Grow Back

Burnt hair occurs when the hair is exposed to excessive heat, chemicals, or fire, resulting in damage to the hair strands.

The damage can range from mild, where the hair appears dry and brittle, to severe, where the hair is completely burnt and breaks off.

If the damage is mild, the hair can recover and grow back. However, if the damage is severe, it may not be possible for the hair to grow back.

This is because the hair follicles, which are responsible for producing hair, can also be damaged in severe cases of burnt hair.

Hair follicles are structures located in the skin that contain stem cells.

These stem cells divide and differentiate to form the hair shaft, which is the visible part of the hair.

When the hair follicles are damaged, the stem cells may not be able to divide and differentiate correctly, resulting in hair loss.

Additionally, if the hair follicles are destroyed, it may not be possible for the hair to grow back.

In this case, hair transplant surgery may be an option to restore hair growth.

To prevent burnt hair, it is important to avoid exposing your hair to excessive heat, chemicals, or fire.

This can be achieved by using heat protectant sprays before using hot styling tools, avoiding excessive sun exposure, and being cautious when using chemicals on your hair.

In summary, whether burnt hair can grow back depends on the extent of the damage.

Mild damage may be reversible, but severe damage may result in permanent hair loss.

To prevent burnt hair, it is important to take precautions and protect your hair from heat, chemicals, and fire.

Types Of Hair Burns

As we all know, there are different ways to get your hair burnt:

  • By fire.
  • By bleach.
  • By chemical products like perms.
  • By heat (flat iron or hairdryer).

While some of them can hurt parts of your hair, others may damage it all and even your scalp.

Hair Burnt By Fire

When your scalp is severely damaged -second or third-degree burns-, the hair will have low chances to grow back.

This happens because of the way the tissue grows after a wound.

What we know as scar tissue consists of increased collagen levels in layers thicker than the original skin.

In consequence, the tissue accumulation on top of the follicle makes it thinner, reducing the number of hairs and the thickness of those hairs.

That’s if you’re lucky.

And in the worst-case scenario, the follicle and the pore would be damaged shut for good, preventing any hair from growing again.

This is possible when burning your hair with fire or during an accident. The tissue gets so damaged that it can’t grow hair again.

Some scenarios may be palliated with surgical hair implants. But if the harm is too severe, there may be fewer solutions.

Hair Burnt By Heat

Hairdryers could also generate progressive slimming of the pores and follicles, enough to retract the hairline a bit or reduce its density.

So, yes, abusing from hairdryers and irons may cause long-term hair loss up to the point when it’s noticeable and permanent.

But they can also burn a part of your hair real bad real quick with no permanent effect.

Sometimes it will even fall apart if you’re not careful!

The good news is that, even when you may need a makeover, your hair will 100% grow back on time.

How much of your hair will you be able to save or restore, and how much should you cut? That’s another story, tho…

Hair Burnt By Chemicals

Finally, chemicals are always delicate, and when it comes to hair, there’s no difference.

Whether it’s bleaching, dyeing, or perming your hair, they may bring consequences to the health and life of your locks.

The difference?

Bleaching your hair can bring extreme damage immediately and hair loss in the long term.

But stopping use generally leads to restoration, even though growth may be slower for some time.

On the other hand,

Perm can seriously damage the follicle as it changes the natural shape of the hair growing for it.

If you burn your hair during this treatment, it may never go back to its original healthy condition –neither look like a perm!

How can you treat or prevent burning your hair for it to always grows back?

For those that still have hope, we’ll talk a bit about how to bring back some of its life to your hair or protect it from further burning.

How To Treat Burnt Hair With Natural Products?

How To Treat Burnt Hair With Natural Products

If the damage to the hair is not so severe -like a frizzy tuft or just regular bleaching-, you can use some natural products to bring it back to life.

Some of best natural products to treat burnt hair are:

  • Olive Oil For Burnt Hair

Apply it generously but without exaggerating (half cup should be more than enough).

Leave the raw olive oil on for around 45 min so it can penetrate the hair strands.

  • Avocado For Burnt Hair

Mixed with an egg, it may bring tons of nutrients, oils, and vitamins to your hair, restoring its natural elasticity.

Use an avocado ripped enough to mix and leave it on the hair for at least 20 min.

  • Butter or Mayonnaise For Burnt Hair

As weird as it may sound, butter and mayonnaise are great for recovering the natural softness and glow of your hair.

Leave them for around 20 min and then wash thoroughly.

  • Tea For Burnt Hair

This is particularly useful for dyed hair. Choose a tea which color resembles yours, as it enhances the tone of your hair.

Then boil it in water until it gets colored and apply it. Leave it for a few minutes and then rinse.

These products may be surprisingly helpful for slight-intermediate burnt hair.

And for dyed and permed hair, these are a great option to keep the health on your scalp.

Plus, they’ll prevent the hair from breaking.

However, these can not work in all cases; more extreme measures may be needed according to the extension of the burn.

Naturally, if you’ve burnt your hair severely enough to damage your scalp, the emergency room is the first place you want to go to.

But, if the harm is concerning but not enough to see a doctor, then the salon is the best next option.

Once you’ve been under the hand of pros, they will probably re-style you and put on an in-salon mask with proteins.

This will stop the damage from extending, but you’ll have to keep on treating your hair at home.

How To Treat Burnt Hair At Home?

By applying a deep nutrition mask once a week until the hair is restored. And then repeating once a month.

According to the master stylist in one of NYC’s best salons, two of the best options you can find to repair your hair at home and make sure it grows back are:

If you use chemicals in your hair like bleach or perm, these shouldn’t miss your weekly beauty routine!

Will Burnt Hair Grow Back?

In conclusion, whether burnt hair can grow back depends on the severity of the damage.

If the damage is mild, it is possible for the hair to recover and grow back.

However, if the damage is severe, the hair follicles may also be damaged, making it difficult or impossible for the hair to regrow.

It is important to take precautions to prevent burnt hair by avoiding excessive heat, chemicals, and fire.

By protecting our hair, we can maintain its health and promote healthy hair growth.

If you are experiencing burnt hair or hair loss, check out this 3-second hair ritual that brings back long, luscious hair fast!