Can You Curl 2A Hair

Can You Curl 2A Hair? – The Answer May Surprise You!

In this article we’ll be looking at type 2A hair and answering the question, “can you curl 2A hair?”

Keep reading to discover all the information you need to answer this question and some tips on how to care for your type 2A hair. 

What Are the 4 Types of Hair?

Just like our skin is categorized into different types based on the level of moisture, there are also different types of hair based on their structure and look.

The difference is, hair is categorized with a number and alphabet combination. 

There are four types of hair; straight, wavy, curly, and coily, named type 1, type 2, type 2, and type 4 respectively.

This is then further divided into subcategories based on the tightness or looseness of the curls and coils

Type 1: Straight Hair
Type 2: Wavy Hair
  • Type 2A
  • Type 2B
  • Type 2C
Type 3: Curly Hair
  • Type 3A
  • Type 3B
  • Type 3C
Type 4: Coily Hair
  • Type 4A
  • Type 4B
  • Type 4C

What is 2A Hair?

Type 2 hair is wavy hair. It is somewhere between straight and curly, it is not completely straight, and it is not truly curly either. 

Type 2A hair is a variation of type 2 (wavy hair), it has loose and stretched s-waves.

Type 2A hair is straight from the roots and then proceeds to fall into gently tousled waves, it has a natural bounce and body and can be very voluminous. 

Can You Curl 2A Hair?

Can You Curl 2A Hair

The answer to this question is yes, you can curl 2A hair. It already has a curly character, not just all the way, but you can take it all the way and make your wavy 2A hair curly. Keep reading to know how. 

If you have 2A hair, it is possible, through some slight changes and simple procedures like the ones shared below, to make it curlier than straight. 

How To Make 2A Hair Curlier?

2A hair is wavy, it’s already close to being curly, so unlike type 1 hair which is straight, you don’t have to do too much to make your type 2A hair curlier.

Take great care of your hair and follow a few simple steps and you can transform your 2A waves into bouncy curls. 

There are various ways to make 2A hair curlier, you can visit a hair specialist, they’ll know exactly how to make your wavy hair curlier.

You can also do it yourself in the ways listed below:

Curl Defining Cream

You can apply a curl-defining cream to your hair (wet hair), scrunch it with your fingers, and wrap it in a T-shirt till it dries.

This is a great way to enhance your curls without using heat. 

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Curling Iron or Hot Rollers

This is a temporary but effective way to make your wavy 2A hair curly. 

Blow Dryer/Round Brush

This is more about enhancing the structure of your waves, the wavier you make your hair the more curly it will seem. 

Getting a Perm

This is a more permanent way to make your 2A hair curlier.

If you don’t mind getting chemicals in your hair, you can change the structure of your hair and make it curlier by getting a perm

How Do You Keep 2a Hair Curly? – Final Thoughts

Type 2A hair is already close to being curly, it just has a bit of straightness to it, with a few tips and simple processes, it is easy to make your type 2A wavy hair curlier