Does Heat Styling Cause Hair Loss

Does Heat Styling Cause Hair Loss?

Because of their effectiveness, hairdryers, straighteners, and curling wands are among the most used hair styling tools.

But as effective as they are, they can also be a source of damage.

The excessive use of these heat styling tools can cause your hair to become overly dry, prone to breaking, and, in consequence, more likely to fall out.

This happens because, as these tools apply heat directly to your hair, it tends to weaken its shaft.

Also, frizzy and dry hair caused by heat damage becomes much more difficult to style.

Some people tackle this issue by using said tools even more frequently.

However, by drying, curling, or straightening your hair more often with heat styling tools (some people even do it every day).

You will only worsen the problem instead of solving it.

Which leads us to the following question: does heat styling cause hair loss?

In this article, I will give you some recommendations regarding the proper use of these tools and tips for preventing hair loss caused by these heat styling tools.

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Does Heat Styling Cause Hair Loss?

Does Heat Styling Cause Hair Loss

Unfortunately yes, heat styling can cause hair loss, that’s because damaged and dry hair resulted from extensive heat use can drop more quickly and in broader areas than healthy hair.

Blow drying, flat ironing, using curling irons, and over-styling, especially chemically treated hair, every day without giving hair a rest destroy the proteins in hair strands and dries out cuticles leading to hair loss.

Sure, heat styling might cause extensive damage (limp, hair cracks in the cuticle and split ends).

But, if you act on time, it can even grow back stronger and healthier.

But, on a more positive note, it is also worth noticing that most of the time, hair loss resulting from heat damage is not a permanent issue.

Below, I provided tips and hacks to prevent hair loss caused by extensive heat application.

Can You Prevent Hair Loss Caused By Heat Styling?

The short answer is YES!

Nevertheless, here are some actions you can take to prevent your hair from sustaining heat damage (and avoid it becoming a more serious issue).

Invest In Quality Heat Styling Tools

The first and most important recommendation is to always invest in high-quality tools that are equipped with temperature regulators.

More so, using your heat styling tools at the minimum recommended temperature (350°F/180°C is a safe bet) will not only contribute to keeping your hair healthy. It will also keep your color vivid and vibrant.

One other thing you should keep in your hairstyling arsenal is a heat-protecting spray and apply it beforehand. This way, you will help reduce heat damage to your hair.

Avoid Excessive Heat Styling

Another good way to prevent your hair from sustaining much heat damage is by giving it a break from heat styling every once in a while.

How should you know when to stop? First, look at the current state of your hair and see if there are signs of hair loss, breakage, or visible split ends.

If there are signs of damage, stop heat styling for a bit and apply natural remedies like oiling to bring your hair’s vibrancy (check out this article here!).

Switch Your Heat Styling Methods

Although all manners of heat may damage your hair, flat irons and curling irons tend to reach much higher temperatures than, say, a standard blow-dryer.

Try switching up between heat styling methods. This way, you might also help prevent your hair from falling out.

Skip on using irons for a couple of days, and avoid concentrating much heat in a single section by constantly moving your blow-dryer when drying your hair.

Diet and Nutrition For a Healthy Hair

Another thing worth noticing is that your hair’s condition has a lot to do with what goes on inside your body, too.

In this sense, regardless of its current condition or level of damage sustained.

You can help strengthen your hair from within by eating the right food and using some of the many nutrient-rich supplements available.

Using these products will help prevent hair loss and damage by strengthening the existing hair strands from the roots up.

This, in turn, will make your hair grow healthier.

Note that when your hair grows healthier from the follicle up, it also becomes less prone to shedding, less brittle, and additionally, less vulnerable against heat styling damage.

Choose The Right Hair Care Products

Prevent Hair Loss Caused By Heat Styling

Strengthening your hair from within is only a part of the solution.

Aside from using supplements, you should also use high-quality hair products because, on the contrary, your hair might even be subjected to even further damage.

When looking to properly condition your heat-damaged hair, the use of a high-quality shampoo and conditioner, as well as moisturizing products, becomes mandatory.

Preferably go with those containing botanicals and proteins such as panthenol, biotin, keratin, and zinc.

These kind of products will help nurture and provide weightless conditioning to your hair strands, resulting in healthier, thicker, and fuller-looking hair.

Keep a Hair Care Routine

Start taking care of your hair before it has suffered any substantial damage due to heat styling is the best way to prevent it from shedding.

By combining a thoroughly careful hair care routine with proper moisturizing throughout all the seasons, you can help prevent your hair from sustaining any additional damage.

Make sure to moisturize and condition your hair every time you wash it.

Combine this with applying a protein conditioner at least twice a month, and you are all set!

You should also pay special attention to the condition of your hair because it will tell you all about its needs.

The best way to do this is by performing a stretch test. Simply wet 5-6 hairs and pull them gently.

Ideally, they should stretch and come back to their original length.

If your hair stretches but doesn’t retract, it needs protein. Nevertheless, if your hair doesn’t stretch, it requires more moisturizing.

When protein and moisture levels are perfectly balanced, your hair will grow thicker, stronger, and overall healthier-looking.

Heat Styling and Hair Loss

And there you have it, girl! My recommended tips to prevent hair loss caused by heat styling.

Before starting any treatment, you should always consult your personal hairstylist first.

It’s important to know that this guide has no intention to be a substitute for professional advice.

Nonetheless, I sincerely hope my article proves helpful.

And, you can now confidently make the best use of your heat styling tools, thus preventing hair loss resulting from heat damage.

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