How To Clean Hair Combs

How To Clean Hair Combs? [3 Ways To Clean Hair Combs]

Do your hair combs still look unclean after cleaning or washing them? Find out how to make it clean and pure by reading the rest of this article.

Maintaining unclean hair combs is unhygienic. Germs and other microorganisms are drawn to the hair by dirty hair combs.

Consequently, I’ll go through how to clean hair combs in detail in this article.

3 Best Ways To Clean Hair Combs

3 Best Ways To Clean Hair Combs

Hair combs are one of the most important tools in a person’s hair care arsenal. They help to detangle and style hair, and can even help to distribute natural oils evenly through the strands.

But combs can also become buildup magnets, especially if they’re used on oily or dirty hair. That’s why it’s important to clean hair combs regularly.

Here are 3 effective ways to clean hair combs and keep them looking and working like new.

Clean Hair Combs With Shampoo Or Conditioner

If you use a comb frequently, it’s important to clean it often to prevent bacteria and buildup.

You can clean your hair comb with shampoo or conditioner, using a few simple steps.

1. Make sure your hair combs are clean of hair. Consider lifting the hair off the bristles of your hair combs with any pointed mouth object to get rid of the extra hair.

2. Put some shampoo or conditioner in the bathroom sink alongside some warm water. Warm water should be added, followed by a dime-sized amount of shampoo or conditioner, and carefully blended.

3. For a minimum of 15 to 30 minutes, soak your hair combs. Allowing your hair combs to soak will cause the bristles to soften.

4. Scrub with a brush (toothbrush) to get rid of any additional residue on the comb. If it appears that your hair combs still require extra cleaning, scrub the bristles with a brush.

5. After using shampoo or conditioner, thoroughly rinse the hair comb’s bristles. To get the shampoo off of the combs, rinse them with warm water. 

6. Your hair combs should be towel-dried after rinsing. Your bristles will stay clean and any extra water will be removed in this way.

Clean Hair Combs With Baking Soda

Baking soda can be used to remove dirt and residue from your hair combs instead of shampoo.

1. Mix gently a little amount of warm water with a tablespoon of baking soda.

2. Your hair combs should be soaked for 15 to 20 minutes. This will enable the baking soda to work and clear the accumulation of hair and conditioning cream from your hair combs.

3. Before removing your hair combs from the water solution, make sure they are completely clean of hair and dirt.

4. Towel-dry your hair combs so they are perfect to use. Dry off your hair combs using a towel. By doing so, any dampness on the grip and bristles will be removed. To make sure everything is completely dry, you might also leave it out throughout the night.

Disinfect Hair Combs With Vinegar

In addition to baking soda, vinegar can also be used to disinfect hair combs.

1. Mix one 1⁄2 cup of warm water with one 1⁄2 cup of vinegar in the bathroom sink.

2. Then soak your hair comb for 15 to 20 minutes and your hair comb will be cleansed. It enables the accumulation of dirt and hair products to release.

3. The hair comb should be rinsed with warm water after soaking.

4. Use a clean towel to wipe your hair combs dry. You’ll notice right away how pristine and new the hair comb looks.

How To Clean Hair Combs? – Conclusion

You can get the most accurate answers to your concern about how to clean hair combs by following the best practices suggested in this article.

If you frequently use hair products like moisturizers, gels, or hairspray, it is advised that you clean your comb weekly.

However, if you don’t use much hair product, attempt to establish a routine of cleaning your comb every two to three weeks.

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